Workshops will cover the following subjects:
The photography book, street photography, making cyanotypes, collage/photomontage, portrait photography and the vintage photographic print.

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and The Portfolio Reviews will offer an opportunity for a small group of photographers to receive feedback from Anthony Jones about their work. Partipicants are encouraged to join the discussion. Fee £10.

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Previous Workshops

Looking For Clues

8th & 9th April 2017 10am – 3pm

A guided photography walk around Sheerness, Kent by photographer Anthony Jones.

Photomontage Workshop 1st & 2nd April 2017

Create photomontage from various vintage and contemporary sources including printed material, selfies and social media.

It set my head spinning productively…

MY, Workshop partipant.

Discussing with young mothers about the history and ideas behind family photographs.

Around The Square, throughout 2017

This photowalk is an opportunity to follow in the foot-steps of photographer Anthony Jones and revisit the scene of his favourite photographs, it doesn’t aim to offer instruction on using a camera but insight into the how and why of composition and photographic style. Fee £50. Book Tickets